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unblob relies on various tools for extracting the contents of a blob. These extractors are either third party tools (e.g. 7z), or part of unblob (available in unblob/extractors directory or specific ones next to the handler, e.g.: unblob/handlers/filesystem/

To use unblob with all supported formats, all extractors need to be installed.

See the Installation section on how to install extractors for various methods. You don't need to install any of these if you use Docker or Nix, as all extractors are included in those solutions.

Checking installed extractors

There is a --show-external-dependencies CLI option, which displays the name of the extractors used by unblob and shows if they are available for unblob to use or not:

$ unblob --show-external-dependencies
The following executables found installed, which are needed by unblob:
    7z                              debugfs                         jefferson                       lz4                             lziprecover                     lzop                            sasquatch                       sasquatch-v4be                  simg2img                        ubireader_extract_files         ubireader_extract_images        unar                            zstd                        

NOTE: This option does NOT check the version of the extractors.

Required extractors

❌: If you installed unblob from source, you need to install these manually.

✅: These extractors come with unblob, check pyproject.toml and poetry.lock for current versions.

Extractor Provided commands Minimum version Pre-Installed More information
p7zip-full 7z 16.02
e2fsprogs debugfs 1.45.5
lz4 lz4 1.9.3
lziprecover lziprecover 1.22
lzop lzop 1.04
android-sdk-libsparse-utils img2simg 8.1.0
unar unar 1.10.1
sasquatch sasquatch, sasquatch-v4be 1.0
jefferson jefferson master
ubireader ubireader_extract_files, ubireader_extract_images master

Maintained projects and forks

We maintain a fork of several extractors, with many fixes and improvements. They are also available on GitHub: