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Supported file formats

unblob supports more than 30 formats. You can see their code in unblob/handlers/.

✅: Some or all metadata is preserved for the format.
❌: Metadata is not preserved (limitation of the format).


Format Preserved metadata Handler Extractor command
timestamps permissions ownership
AR archive/ unar
ARC archive/ unar
ARJ archive/ 7z
CAB archive/ 7z
CPIO archive/ unblob extractor
DMG archive/ 7z
RAR archive/ unar
7ZIP archive/ 7z
StuffIt archive/ unar
TAR archive/ 7z
ZIP archive/ 7z


For compression formats, metadata cannot be preserved, as this information in most cases is not stored in the format.

Format Handler Extractor
bzip2 compression/ 7z
UNIX compress compression/ 7z
gzip compression/ 7z
LZ4 compression/ lz4
LZH compression/ 7z
LZIP compression/ lziprecover
LZMA compression/ 7z
LZO compression/ lzop
XZ compression/ 7z
ZLIB compression/ ZlibExtractor custom code
ZSTD compression/ zstd


Format Preserved metadata Handler Extractor command
Android sparse image filesystem/android/ simg2img
CRAMFS filesystem/ 7z
ExtFS filesystem/ debugfs
FAT filesystem/ 7z
ISO9660 filesystem/ 7z
JFFS2 filesystem/ jefferson
NTFS filesystem/ 7z
RomFS ✅ everything is o+rw or o+rwx filesystem/ RomFsExtractor custom code
SquashFS (v3, v4) filesystem/ sasquatch
SquashFS v4 Big Endian filesystem/ sasquatch-v4-be
UBI filesystem/ ubireader_extract_images
UBIFS filesystem/ ubireader_extract_files
YAFFS (1, 2) filesystem/ YAFFSExtractor custom code


Format Preserved metadata Handler Extractor command
HP BDL archive/hp/ unblob extractor
HP IPKG archive/hp/ unblob extractor
Instar HD archive/instar/ unblob extractor
Instar BNEG archive/instar/ unblob extractor
QNAP NAS archive/qnap/ unblob extractor
D-Link SHRS archive/dlink/ unblob extractor
D-Link encrpted (sic) archive/dlink/ unblob extractor
Engeniustech archive/engeniustech/ unblob extractor
Netgear TRX archive/netgear/ unblob extractor
Netgear CHK archive/netgear/ unblob extractor
Xiaomi HDR archive/xiaomi/ unblob extractor

Didn't find your format supported yet?

unblob is easily extensible, and you can write your own handler and include your own extractors for proprietary formats. To learn more about this, see the development section. Alternatively, just open a new ticket in the Github issue tracker.

Whenever we stumble upon proprietary formats in our ONEKEY analysis platform, we will add support for it. At this point, we have developed about a dozen of additional, proprietary format Handlers.

If you are interested in a custom format not supported by the open source version, check out our platform at or you can Contact Us.