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a Handler in unblob is a Python class, which can detect and extract a specific file format.


A tool, which can extract a file format, e.g. 7z, unrar, jefferson, etc. One tool might be used for multiple formats.


A high-performance multiple regex matching library by Intel:
We are using it for finding specific bit/byte pattern matching like magic headers.

Unknown chunk

A byte stream which none of our Handlers was able to recognize. They are carved to separate files, with the filename including their start and end offsets.

Valid chunk

A ValidChunk is something that one of the Handlers found and we can extract.

Recursion depth

unblob is processing input files recursively, which means if we extracted a file, that contains further files inside it, those will also be extracted, until the recursion depth is reached. Beyond that level, no further extraction will happen.
For example, if a tar.gz contains a zip and a text file, the recursion depth will be 3: 1. gzip layer, 2. tar, 3. zip and text file.


A set of files that were identified by a DirectoryHandler representing a format which consists of multiple files. MultiFile is extracted using a DirectoryExtractor